Peace of Mind

We believe that a lounge is an investment for years to come and that is why we offer a Studio Leather & Fabrics 5-Year Protection Program.

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN.  Yes we’re stating the obvious.  However, people all too often dismiss accidents and think “it won’t happen to me,” or “what are the chances?”  Yet people still pay for car insurance, health insurance, and other types of insurance.  So why, then, wouldn’t you pay a nominal amount of money to protect your furniture against accidents?  Unlike car insurance, health insurance, or homeowner insurance, furniture insurance is a one-time cost.  Think of it as Peace of Mind… FOR 5 YEARS!

Your arm knocks against a glass of wine.  Your sofa gets covered in red stains.  If you know anything about wine stains, you know those can be tricky to remove.  One simple mistake and now you’re out hundreds to thousands of dollars.  But there is an alternative.  A way that saves you from your own mistakes, and the mistakes of others.  It’s called the Studio Leather & Fabrics 5 Year Protection Program.

Testimonial: Jennifer in Wynnum Qld: “Just wanted to thank you for your amazing service, I can’t even see the red wine on my lounge anymore, money well spent.”

KIDS: Not everyone has kids, but a large majority of people at some people in their life has a lounge room full of family and friends, including young ones, and while we’re sure everyone’s children are well-behaved angels, accidents happen.  They’re still kids, after all.

Testimonial: Tamara in Killarney Heights NSW said “I was so stressed out when my son accidentally scratched my new leather sofa with his guitar, what a relief that I was recommended this Warranty with my lounge, your team were very professional.  My lounge looks like new again, thank you.”

PETS: Years ago, it may have seemed strange to consider our pets as family members, but not anymore.  Care and protection should also be considered with our furry friends sharing our daily life within our home, as they can have accidents too!

Testimonial: Luke in Woonona NSW: “Very grateful to Ryan at the store for recommending your 5-year warranty.  Your representative came out to clean and deodorise my sofa, and it didn’t cost me a cent.  Thank you and your team for your excellent service.”

REPAIRING OR REPLACING FURNITURE CAN BE EXPENSIVE:  If you are still sitting there thinking “is it really worth it?”  Here is what a few of our customers said:

Testimonial: Maria in Moorebank NSW: “Just had my lounge returned from your Company after our German Shepherd at through the leather on the arm of the beautiful lounge.  Your staff were wonderful with sourcing a new cover to replace the damaged one, my lounge has come back as good as new.  This has saved me hundreds I am sure.  Thank you.”

We offer various plans to ensure you get the best protection for your specific upholstered furniture.  If you would like more information, call one of our Friendly Customer Care Representatives on 1300 156 576.  Our team has years of experience and know which plan will match your needs precisely.