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Meet the Team at Studio Leather & Fabrics

Adrian Adami - Managing Director.

Adrian was introduced to the furniture industry in the retail environment in 1997 as a sales consultant.  His sales achievements and customer Inter-relation skills were immediately evident.  After a few short years Adrian’s abilities took him to a new role in management as sales supervisor of a leading company in the leather service Industry, undertaking not only sales responsibilities but also technical support and Advise for the Company . It was here that Adrian’s roots in the furniture service Industry were recognised. 

Receiving training in all aspects of leather through a prominent tannery in New Zealand and close liaisons with the technical staff within his company, his knowledge and proficiency of furniture, in particular leather was firmly established.  Having both the expertise and experience Adrian soon saw the opportunity and need for a professional upholstery service in the marketplace. Together with his brothers Reuben and Tony an expert team came together and created Studio Leather & Fabrics.

Since the company’s commencement Adrian has fulfilled a dual role as Managing Director and Senior Leather Technician. 

His responsibilities include

• Overseeing the technical team

• Overseeing the administration of the company

• Client & customer relations

• Product and service strategies & development

• Consulting and training for retail personnel

• On-site inspections, including photographic documentation and reporting

• Leather repairs

• Upholstery repairs

Reuben Adami

Senior Leather Technician


Reuben started as a junior leather technician in 2000.  He was trained in all aspects of Leather from a prominent tannery in New Zealand and received extensive on-site technical experience from senior technicians.  Quickly Reuben became an integral member of the technical team and his leather repair skills were utilised to the fullest extent.   Reuben took these skills and put them into practice when he became a founding member of the Studio Leather & Fabrics company with his brothers Adrian and Tony. 

Since the company’s commencement Reuben has fulfilled the role of Senior Leather Technician, and Factory Supervisor.

His duties include:

• Factory Liaison Officer - overseeing and co-ordinating all divisions of the factory

• On-site inspections, including photographic documentation and reporting

• Leather repairs

• Upholstery repairs

Kim Crowther

Leather and Upholstery Technician


Kim joined the Studio Leather & Fabrics Team in 2006 already having 2 years experience in the Leather Service Industry. Since coming on board Kim’s technical skills have progressively developed and his excellent customer relation skills are clearly evident throughout his daily activities.

His duties include:

• Inspections, including photographic documentation and reporting

• Leather repairs

• Specialising in onsite stitching and on-site upholstery repairs

Martin Delor - Leather and Upholstery Technician

Martin is the newest member to the repair division of the Studio Leather & Fabrics team.

Martin is a fully qualified carpenter/builder who is putting his skills to use in a new industry. With continuous on-site training from our senior technicians, Martin is quickly learning the techniques to leather and upholstery repairs, and it is already evident that his competency will see him go far in the Industry.

Charlie Halavatsis - Senior Upholsterer

Charlie is an accredited qualified upholsterer with 25 years experience in the industry. He efficiently manages all aspects of the factory upholstery division, comprising of upholsterers and sewers/machinists.

Here at Studio Leather & Fabrics we have a team of highly trained leather technicians, upholsterers and customer service staff that are ready and willing to attend to all your service needs.

Our management, technicians & upholsterers along with our customer service team and administration department, come together as an experienced, skilled and knowledgable team, that displays a highly versed understanding of all aspects of upholstery and customer service.


Our customer service and administrative team have many years experience in both the furniture industry and in customer relations.

Their knowledge of the industry and excellent intercommunication skills enable them to be the perfect bridge between our upholstery repair and service technicians and our clients; providing each company with its required reporting, customer feedback and accounting information, both promptly and professionally.

Our administrative staff ensure that after each Inspection undertaken, reports & photographs (documenting all aspects of the inspection and our recommendations) are forwarded to the retailer within 48 hours of the inspection taking place, thereby giving the necessary time for you to review the customers claim and respond back to us, without the customer experiencing any significant time lapse.

With each team member holding various accreditations, in all aspects of customer service and office administration, you can be assured that you and your customers are always dealt with in a professional and considerate manner.

Tony Adami - Mechanism and Frame Expert

With a background in carpentry and an technical mindset that comes naturally to a select few, it was no question as to Tony’s value as part of the Studio Leather team when the company came to fruition in 2005.  His natural gifts were clearly matched and Tony’s expertise sees him efficiently managing repairs to mechanisms and framework for the upholstery repair division of the company. 

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